Operating Theaters

The application of disinfecting UV-C light within Operating Theaters can diminish the risk of environmental bacterial contamination. By neutralizing harmful microorganisms, UV-C technology prevents the risk of bacterial acquisition during.

Production Areas

UVD Robots have demonstrated efficacy in eradicating bioburden within pharmaceutical manufacturing environments, operating autonomously to ensure comprehensive UV-C exposure across all surfaces. This method offers a rapid, efficient, and chemical-free approach, enhancing disinfection standards.

Clean Rooms

In critical clean room settings, UVD Robots have shown to significantly lower bacterial presence, serving as an effective means to achieve superior levels of sterility. This enhances the cleanliness of the environment, reducing microbial and micro-organism proliferation and optimizing the allocation of human resources.

Oncology Drug Manufacturing Spaces

Specifically engineered for high-risk areas such as oncology drug manufacturing spaces, UVD Robots perform environmental disinfection tasks efficiently, effectively reducing the load of surface-dwelling organisms and safeguarding the sterility of these sensitive production areas.


RIVA™ represents a state-of-the-art, fully automated IV compounding system tailored for use in pharmaceutical manufacturing environments. It specializes in the precise and reliable preparation of IV syringes and bags, revolutionizing the compounding process. By integrating automation, RIVA significantly enhances safety for both the product and the personnel involved, boosts operational efficiency, and adeptly navigates the complexities of an evolving regulatory landscape. It has set a new benchmark in pharmaceutical production for its unmatched safety, efficacy, and accuracy.

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