Operating Rooms

Applying disinfecting UV-C light to operating theaters can reduce the risk of transmitting environmental bacteria to patients. By eliminating microorganisms, UV-C light can also limit patient acquisition risk.

Patient Rooms

UVD Robots have been proven to eliminate bioburden in patient rooms while operating autonomously, ensuring UV-C light is delivered sufficiently to all surfaces. A fast, efficient, and chemical-free solution that guarantees higher levels of disinfection.

Intensive Care Unit

UVD Robots have been proven to reduce bacterial load in intensive care units. They are an efficient tool for reaching even higher levels of disinfection, minimizing bacteria and micro-organism while maximizing available staff time.

Oncology Units

UVD Robots are designed to disinfect areas like oncology units, and can accomplish environmental disinfection tasks that minimize surface organism loads.


In hospital environments, the PrivMed® plays a crucial role in improving patient care by providing healthcare professionals with access to customized pill medications tailored to individual patient needs.

We offer PrivMed so that:

We can help every patient, women and men, young and old, big and small, to achieve their right to receive an optimal, harmless, personalised medication treatment.


​Every doctor and pharmacist has the opportunity to give their patients the best possible health care.

We can enable the pharmaceutical industry to concentrate on the most important things: finding new, better active ingredients and making them available to patients at the best possible dosage.


Personalised medication using tablets will be the future of all medical treatment and will replace the existing system of drug overdose with all its disadvantages and harmful side effects.


Ever since working from home became more of a standard, video calling and virtual meetings are embedded in our culture and work ethics. Usually this requires you to be stationary, but with GoBe you can actually move around and visit multiple rooms and areas within the same meeting.


This will enable healthcare professionals to be present when they physically cannot and keep assisting their colleagues from a distance.


RIVA™ is a fully automated IV compounding system designed to reliably and accurately prepare IV syringes and bags in hospital pharmacies. By automating the preparation process, RIVA addresses the issues of safety for the patient and the pharmacy technician, overall efficiency in the pharmacy and the ongoing challenges of a changing regulatory environment. RIVA has become the pharmacy fulfillment standard when it comes to safety, effectiveness and precision.

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