Workspace Areas

Integrating disinfecting UV-C light in office spaces can significantly reduce the risk of spreading environmental bacteria among employees. By eliminating harmful microorganisms, UV-C light effectively lowers the risk of infections within the workplace.

Meeting Rooms

UVD Robots have been validated to eliminate bioburden in meeting rooms, operating autonomously to ensure thorough UV-C coverage on all surfaces. This provides a rapid, efficient, and chemical-free method of disinfection, ensuring higher hygiene standards for collaborative spaces.

Open-Plan Offices

UVD Robots are proven to reduce the bacterial load in open-plan office areas. They serve as an efficient means to achieve enhanced levels of disinfection, minimizing the presence of bacteria and micro-organism while optimizing the use of administrative resources.

Break Rooms and Common Areas

Specially designed for high-traffic environments such as break rooms and common areas, UVD Robots efficiently perform environmental disinfection tasks, significantly reducing the load of surface-dwelling organisms. This ensures a safer and cleaner environment for employees, enhancing overall workplace health and safety.


Since the adoption of remote work as a widespread practice, video conferencing and virtual meetings have become integral to office culture and professional conduct. Traditionally, participants are expected to remain stationary, yet GoBe revolutionizes this by offering the flexibility to move around and explore different spaces during the same meeting.


This innovation allows team members and professionals to stay engaged and actively participate in collaborative efforts, even when they cannot be physically present, ensuring continuous support and interaction with colleagues from any location.

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