Implementing disinfecting UV-C light in classrooms can significantly decrease the risk of spreading environmental bacteria among students and staff. By eradicating harmful microorganisms, UV-C light effectively reduces the risk of disease transmission within the educational community.


UVD Robots have been validated to eliminate bioburden in student dormitories, operating autonomously to ensure thorough UV-C coverage on all surfaces. This presents a quick, efficient, and chemical-free disinfection method, assuring a higher level of cleanliness and safety for students.

Common Areas and Libraries

UVD Robots are proven to reduce the bacterial load in high-usage areas such as common spaces and libraries. They serve as an efficient tool for achieving enhanced levels of disinfection, minimizing the presence of bacteria and micro-organism while optimizing the utilization of facility management resources.

Cafeterias and Recreational Areas

Designed for critical areas such as cafeterias and recreational zones, UVD Robots efficiently carry out environmental disinfection tasks, substantially reducing the load of surface-dwelling organisms. This ensures a safer and more hygienic environment for students, faculty, and visitors, promoting well-being within educational institutions.


Since remote learning has become more prevalent, video calls and virtual classrooms have become fundamental to educational practices and etiquette. Typically, this demands staying in one place, yet with GoBe, there’s the freedom to move and transition between different locations during the same virtual session.


This advancement allows educators and students to maintain their engagement and participation, even when they cannot be physically present, fostering continued collaboration and support within the academic community from afar.

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